Agricultural machine tractor pto drive shaft overrunning/overrun/ratchet/friction clutch/torque limiter parts

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Zhejiang, China
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3 year
For Tractor,Rotary Cultivator,Planter Machine ,Farm and etc
Plastic cover can work normally between -35 °C to 80 °C

P pto shaft with shear bolt clutch with CE certificate

Product Description

TORQUE LIMITING DEVICE WITH BOLT AND FREEWHEELThis device has the functional characteristics of a torque limitingbolt together with those of a free wheel. It guarantees the vanishingof power transmission by means of a bolt placed eccentricallyto the axisof the joint. The torque transmitted is a function of position,size and grade of bolt used. It also ensures the transmissionof torque in only one direction of rotation.

TORQUE LIMITING DEVICE WITH 2 OR 4 FRICTIONDISCS AND HELICAL SPRINGSIt limits the torque transmitted through slippage of the componentsof friction on the clutch plates (without asbestos). The torque settingcan be varied by adjusting the height of the coil springs. Thisclutch can be used to absorbe torque peaks on startup of machineswith high inertia.

TORQUE LIMITING DEVICE WITH 2 OR 4 FRICTIONDISCS AND BELLEVILLE SPRINGSIt limits the torque transmitted through slippage of the componentsof friction on the clutch plates (without asbestos). The torque settingis prefi xed to the value of installation using conical Bellevillespring, and can not be changed. Modifying the setting is only possibleby replacing the springs. Another advantage for the safety isthe compact design without points of entanglement.

AUTOMATIC TORQUE LIMITING DEVICEIs a torque limiter with mechanical disengaging and automaticreset, in which torque is transmitted by means offour radial elements pushed by a conical Belleville spring.The transmission restores automatically by reducing rotationspeed, after removing the cause of the overload.

TORQUE LIMITING DEVICE WITH PAWLSThis is a mechanical torque limiting device with radial acting pawl,which, at a set calibration value, come out of their slots againstthe action of two helical springs , disconnecting the power transmission.The transmission is automatically restored lowering thenumber of revolutions after interrupting the cause of the overload.

FREE WHEELThis device allows the transmission of torque in one direction (fromthe tractor to the machine). The freewheel prevents the return ofpower to the transmission when the inertia of the machine is particularlyhigh. Are available the standard version RF, the reversedversion RFI and the universal version RFS.

Advantages / Features:

1. Materials:

Our company has purchased steel from several large steel groups , such as Hangzhou Steel Mill, Shanghai Bashan Steel Mill, Beijing Shrugging Steel Mill whose steel have good mechanical properties and stability of chemical component. it keep theshaft to be of high quality.

2. Manufacture Procession

First, we have our own High-precision Digital Machining center for mould making in special Mould Workshop, excellent mould make product beautiful appearance and its size accurately.

The second, we adopt blasting procession, removing Oxidation surface, make the surface to be bright and clean and uniform and beautiful.

The third, in heat treatment: We use the Controlled-atmosphere Automatic heat treatment Furnace,

3. Quality Control:

The quality control is strictly performed from buying raw materials in warehouse to different machining procession and to final packing. 100% inspection during production .

4. Production Capacity

Single PTO shaft , every month can produce 16000 pcs.

p pto shaft with shear bolt clutch with CE certificate

Item Cross journal size 540dak-rpm 1000dak-rpm Series 1 22mm 54mm 12KW 16HP 18KW 25HP Series 2 23.8mm 61.3mm 15KW 21HP 23KW 31HP Series 3 27mm 70mm 26KW 35HP 40KW 55HP Series 4 27mm 74.6mm 26KW 35HP 40KW 55HP Series 5 30.2mm 80mm 35KW 47HP 54KW 74HP Series 6 30.2mm 92mm 47KW 64HP 74KW 100HP Series 7 30.2mm 106.5mm 55KW 75HP 87KW 18HP Series 8 35mm 106.5mm

70KW 95HP 110KW 150HP Series 38 38mm 102mm 70KW 95HP 110KW 150HP

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